Beautiful salads

Sweet Pea Salads is a mini market garden, situated at Foxholes Farm, Hertford and specialises in fresh, healthy & colourful seasonal salad, herbs and cut flowers.

Douglas Smith from Stanstead Abbots is a passionate gardener and a lover of local grown food. Inspired his Scottish grandmother who won the regional Best Vegetable Plot” for over 27 years out of 33, he has followed in her footsteps and has won it once in 2010 and came 3rd in 2011 and aspires to win it again.

As I found out, there is more to salad than lettuce, especially in summer, with the huge seasonal variety of tastes, textures and vibrant colours available. Tantalising herbs, edible flowers and tasty plants all provide an ever changing mosaic of leaves throughout the season. These can include a variety of lettuce, pea-tops, nasturtium flowers and basils, turning Spicer as the winter draws in and oriental leaves are included such as mizuna and golden streaks mustard.

There are exciting tastes and a huge variety of leaves in a single bag! Each salad bag is unique and its contents vary from week to week as the season progresses. Smith grows his crop without the use of pesticides and follows organic guidelines. No chlorine is used and his water washed leaves are: best tasting, freshest produce delivered within a day of harvest to local outlets with a five mile radius of the garden.

Smith’s vision is to care and manage the land sustainably, encourage biodiversity and use non-polluting methods; promote the love of growing with the community, through open days; guided tours and volunteers.

These divine tasting salad bags are available at Foxholes farm shop or for more information please contact Douglas at or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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