Salami for the non-conformist

The festive season is upon us and we will be entertaining friends and family for the next few weeks. Finding something unique and different to serve is always a challenge; but I have found a delicious food for the non-conformist.

Created, in the beautiful town of Tring, Mat Leaver has learnt the amazing technique of handcrafting exceptional and flavourful salami’s. These gourmet salamis are made with his special blend of spices which add a distinctive richness to the salami. His company, “Curious foods” are about reviving these traditions in making food and creating interesting food for interested people.

Curing and fermenting are ancient techniques, known for millennia, for preserving foods by the action of salt or fermentation or a combination of both. Not only do these techniques preserve but they also change the raw materials, most often into something delicious and quite extraordinary.

The archaic, traditional meaning for the word ‘curious’ is ‘made with care’ and that is what Curious Foods is about, quality and something exclusive; they take care with the sourcing and the treatment of what goes into the food as well as what it tastes like. From Beetroot, Quinoa and Caraway, Perry & Tarragon, The "Ashbrook" Asian Salami, Fennel, Cumin and Garlic, to The "Umami" Salami and The Spicy "Harizo"; there is always something new and exciting been developed!

All flavours come in 50g and whole 100-150g salami packs.

So this Christmas, stand out from the crowd and serve their delicious salami sliced thin on top of an olive oil and rosemary cracker or alongside side so of our divine British cheeses. Whether you are bringing this amazing local salami to a party or shipping it to a loved one, it is sure to add a touch of festive flavour and excitement to your Christmas menu.

For further information, you can follow Curious Foods on Twitter and Facebook or to order this divine salami, go to and add that something different to your festive foods.

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